A Smart Solution for Business

Stay simple and straightforward, Be more than just a payment processor           
SpotOn, headquartered in the heart of the Financial District in San Francisco, is redefining merchant services by providing an end-to-end solution for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) that integrates marketing and credit card processing. SpotOn is the smartest payment processing solution for small businesses. We empower our merchants by combining payment processing with easy-to-use customer engagement tools, all in one platform. We’re focused on helping our merchants create meaningful relationships with their customers, saving them time and money with an experience that exceeds expectations. 

Our mission is to empower merchants with cost-effective payment processing and customer engagement tools, backed with high-touch, concierge-style customer support. Furthermore, we strive to connect consumers to SpotOn merchants with a convenient app that gives them easy access to deals and loyalty rewards.

Exceed expectations.

We go the extra mile, aiming to be an extension of our merchants’ teams with a continuous focus on business growth and success, coupled with stellar customer service.

Our-Core_icon1.png Be more than just a payment processor.

It’s about developing relationships with customers, creating a streamlined experience and closing the loop from marketing to purchase. 


Stay simple and straightforward. 

We’ll keep developing a platform that’s nearly effortless, reducing stress while creating a system that is easier for everyone.


Remain flexible. 

We’ll configure a solution that makes the most sense for each business using our nimble software and by offering a choice of state-of-the-art hardware.  


Celebrate innovation and collaboration. 

We encourage diversity — of culture, of background, of experience, and thought — and the dynamic teamwork it takes to bring new ideas to life.  


Be the easiest part of every customer’s day. 

We honor our customers by showing them respect, knowing their businesses, and providing help relevant to their specific needs.  


Do business the right way. 

We do everything in the most transparent and upfront way possible, without long-term commitments, extra fees, or hidden charges. 


Make a difference. 

We’ll offer guidance and a point of view, always willing to share ideas that will make a difference.. 

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